Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wine & DVD - Testarossa Pinot Noir Gary's Vineyard and "August Rush"

I wanted to make sure I posted this the night we watched the movie and not the night after because I wanted to make sure I remembered everything clearly.

First off, the wine: Testarossa Pinot Noir Gary's Vineyard 2006 - this was the only good thing about the wine & DVD (more on the DVD in a minute). From the Santa Lucia Highlands of California, this lovely Pinot was everything I'd expect from Testarossa. Hubby and I joined their wine club and so far they have consistently sent us wonderful wines. This Pinot Noir was no exception. Smoky, dense cherries, lingering finish. You know, everything you'd want in a California Pinot. It definitely made watching the movie easier.

"August Rush" - lord have mercy, where do I begin? Boy (musician in band) meets girl (concert cellist) at a party, they spend one night together, girl (with overbearing father) leaves boy to persue her music career, boy and girl lament over parting, girl is pregnant, girl gets in accident at the last trimester of her pregnancy, overbearing father tells girl baby is dead, baby boy child not actually dead and grows up in orphanage hearing music in everything, child runs away at 11 years old, child goes to Julliard and conducts symphony that he wrote, girl and boy attend concert and reunite, child realizes parents are in audience, everything is okay.

This was schmaltz, pure schmaltz. Plain and simple. And I fell for it hook, line and sinker. There are movies I've cried at, plenty of them. I cried at this one, but there's a big difference. This movie made me feel used. I felt guilty for crying. Nothing was believable. Lots and lots of factual errors, and it's like the producers didn't even care. It's like they were just going for the tearjerker. They banked on the major percentage of the audience doesn't pay attention to detail.

If you can watch a movie and can blank out facts and reason, then by all means watch this DVD. Otherwise, don't waste your time. You'll hate yourself afterwards if you do.