Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wine & DVD - Sarah's Vineyard Merlot and "Bedazzled"

Sarah's Vineyard Merlot Des Grandes Hommes 2003 - from the Santa Clara Valley of California. We picked up this absolutely terrific bargain of a wine when we visited some friends last September. Beautiful raspberries and vanilla aromas that follow through on the palate. Rich, smooth and luscious. Regularly $25.00 per bottle, it was on special for a mere $10.00 per bottle! Of course there is no more to be had at the vineyard, but we still have a few more bottles squirreled away :-D

"Bedazzled" - this was not the newer version with Brendan Frasier and Elizabeth Hurley. This was the 1967 version set in England with Dudley Moore and Peter Cook. There were some similarities with the two, but the older version was, expectedly, very dated. Dudley Moore played Stanley Moon, a shy cook at a Wimpy's burger restaurant. He lusted after Margaret Spencer, who pretty much didn't know he existed. Enter Peter Cook as George Spiggot, aka the Devil. Stanley sold his soul to George for even wishes, which George promptly sabotages. If you've seen the new Bedazzled, then you can probably figure out how the older one ended.

All in all, I preferred the newer version. Elizabeth Hurley as the Devil was just brilliant casting. Don't get me wrong. Peter Cook was good, but he just couldn't pull of "despicable" like Liz!

I forgot to mention...we watched this movie on out new Roku Netflix player and it was pretty cool. I have over 100 movies queued up, so there will be no shortage of movies to review :-D