Tuesday, June 10, 2008

DVD - "Fido"

We didn't have any wine last night (I know...WHAT???), but we did watch a movie called "Fido" starring Billy Connolly and Carrie-Anne Moss. I'd never even heard of this movie before, and found it when searching Netflix for Billy Connolly performances. You HAVE to check out his stand-up routines, they're hysterical!

"Fido" is set in the 1950's small-town America after the Zombie Wars. (A blast of radiation brought dead people back to life and could only be killed permanently if the brain was damaged.) Enter Zomcon, a company that keeps zombies under control via a special collar. Zombies can now be a productive part of the community and can hold jobs such as milkman, paperboy, etc. Hubby says it's "Night of the Living Dead" meets "Leave it to Beaver".

Timmy Robinson is a shy boy with no friends who gets bullied at school. His mother brings home a zombie for a servant (because every family on the block has one!) and Timmy befriends him, naming him Fido. Hilarity ensues. I laughed my butt off pretty much throughout the movie and highly recommend it.