Saturday, January 19, 2008

Page Wine Cellars Le Petit Page Metlot 2004

photo © Linda Blakely 2008

The movie "Sideways" really put a hamper on Merlot sales after the movie was released. That's really sad, because there are some terrific Merlots out there. And this is definitely one of them!

Dark red-violet in color. Aromas of oak, dark berries, spices and saddle leather, with the vaguest hint of eucalyptus. This is a hefty Merlot, one that could easily be mistaken for a Cabernet Sauvignon, but just a little more delicate. Notes of tobacco and dark berries on the palate, it just seems to coat the tongue. Well-balanced with soft tannins and a lengthy finish.

I've also had two of winemaker Bryan Page's other wines: the Napa Red Blend and The Stash, both of which are incredible. He also makes a Cabernet Franc called The Fury. I'll be getting some of that soon and will review it as soon as I taste it. I know it will be good. In my mind, Bryan Page can do no wrong!