Saturday, June 23, 2007

Time to Vent

So this young woman comes into the store and tells me that she doesn't know much about wines and that her friend told her we were having a going-out-of-business sale (Strike 1, she's pegged as a vulture). Then she tells me she heard we were having a party next Saturday and what is going to be on sale then? (Strike 2, she's pegged as a cheapskate). I told her that depending on how much inventory we have left will decide what kind of sale we have as it gets closer to closing. She said that she also heard that we had a 50% off everything sale (Strike 2A, see Strike 2). I told her that was 50% off 50 wines and they're all gone. Then she proceeded to ask me about this that and the other wine asking how sweet each one was. Then she stopped to call her friend to ask about a wine he had. She tells me that he buys this one wine from PRP and do we have it? I told her that they hold the rights to every wine they sell and we can't get them.

So she looks around some more and asks me why we're going out of business and what will I do next. I told her that Total Wine came to town and took away our business and that I haven't decided what I'll do now. She looks around some more and asks more questions. She asks me about a "Doctor-something wine" (figuring that it's Doctor Loosen). She then tells me that she usually gets it at Total Wine (Strike 3, you're out!) I looked her right in the eye and told her "You know, it's incredibly tacky to tell someone who is going out of business that you shop at the very place that is putting them out of business". She told me that there are other places in town who sell wine, and I told her that we were doing fine until TW came to town. She said "OK, I won't buy anything then" and she left.

I can't deal with insensitivity and ignorance. GOOD RIDDANCE!